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OOSTRA Joinery & Restoration

Oostra Joinery and Restauration is the Amsterdam based business of Pieter Oostra, a carpenter with about 30 years of experience in fine carpentry, joinery and restoration. His carpentry and joinery is qualitative and made to measure, in both current and traditional styles. You can contact him for small jobs, such as renewing a window, or making a custom front door in as specific style, (including installation) and extensive work such as the restoration of the woodwork of a heritage building.


Have a look at pictures of some of the completed projects by Oostra Joinery & Restoration, (text will be in Dutch). The projects are subdivided in windows & frames, doors, staircases, profiled moulding and interior. Examples of new carpentry, renewing and restoration are shown. Use the following buttons or the top menu.

​​​Carpentry & Joinery

My workshop is equipped for craftwork. The workshop in warehouse Het Veem in Amsterdam, contains an extensive range of machinery, but also handicraft is needed. This allows me to work in the most diverse architectural styles, and to make any kind of detailing. Unlike most timber factories, I am not bound by standard details. This is for instance important for renovating characteristic framing. Also moulding and bannisters can be copied with the exact profiles. I can make a new staircase, with detailing matching an existing stairwell. Doors can be made in almost any style, either per piece or in series.


Oostra, joining a spiral staircase
Oostra carpentry workshop
Oostra, restoring fanlight
Oostra carpentry workshop
Oostra staircase installation
Oostra fanlight restoration

Environment friendly

I strive to work environmentally friendly. I work a lot with European larch, a wood that is very suitable for external window and door frames. When using tropical hardwood, this is exclusively wood with the Ecolabel (FSC or PEFC).


In restoration, I mainly focus on wooden facade work (such as windows and framing, doors and moulding) and the interior. For interior restoration I often work together with furniture restorers. Our different fields and skills complement each other well.

In order to do justice to the historical value of a building, I  thoroughly research the situation of the building. A fundamental principle is to preserve as much original material as possible. Rather a good local repair, than replacing the entire building component.

Should there be rotten or missing parts that need to be renewed, the profiling and wood joints will be copied accurately. Most building components can be restored in the workshop. This part of a restoration job is also often outsourced to me by contractors.


Usually I will first come by for a visit, to have a look at the work that has to be done, to discuss the options with you and to see what I can do for you herein. This is free of charge and without obligations. In most cases, hereafter I can make a global estimate of costs.

Based on the amount, it could be that you decide on a different execution of the carpentry, for instance a different type of wood. When the execution is determined, I will make a final (non-binding) offer. When it comes to making doors, moulding or other 'stand alone' joinery, usually a few pictures or drawings are enough for me to be able to make a quotation.

The execution is determined in consultation with you. For example, a door can be made to your design, or the detailing can be customized. You have your wishes and I can bring my experience with similar work and technical possibilities. It's nice to come together to create the best results. Paramount for me is  the delivery of good and beautiful work, for both simple and larger projects. You can expect high quality.


With Oostra Joinery and Restoration, I am continuing the former partnership 'Debets and Oostra', after the passing of my companion Frans Debets, with whom I co-operated until 2011. In 1988 we founded a carpentry workshop in Amsterdam. We started with "environmentally friendly carpentry and joinery requiring customization". Gradually we became more specialized in restoration. This suited our craftsmanship and interest in architectural heritage. Later on we also became involved in interior restorations. The clients for whom we have worked over the years, are both individuals and contractors, restorers and institutions.


Oostra joinery and restoration is a one-man business, but for many projects I work together with several other freelancers. I have a network of colleague craftsmen, each with their own specialization. For interior restoration often a furniture restorer, woodcarver and wood turner work with me. For a large-scale renovation I work together with fellow carpenters and contractors. Thus, for each job a team of skilled craftsmen will be assembled.

When it comes to other woodworkers, (carpenters, joiners, restorers, a woodcarver or turner), the contact usually runs through me and you will get one invoice. Are other professionals (plumber, plasterer, etc.) needed for a job as well, then mostly I can put you in touch with experienced professionals, that I have successfully worked with in the past. They will arrange their work directly with you, of course in consultation with the woodworkers, and will provide a separate bill. Businesses that I regularly work with: Carpentry Koster and Bruin, furniture restorers Atelier Jurjen Creman and Contractor vof. Varne


Feel free to contact me for a non-committal conversation, to discuss what I could do for you.

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